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FactsState of the art technology


Semi-automated processes (PCS7) and automation development in-house


Bacteria and Yeast Seed Fermentation:

10 L scale (stainless steel)

Main Fermentation:
1000 L scale (stainless steel) Cleanroom class: D


Ultimate flexibility through established ball room concept Relevant downstream activities:

  • Protein extraction and renaturation
  • Ultra-/diafiltration
  • Preparative Chromatography
  • Pegylation
  • Bulk filling of drug substance Cleanroom class: C

R&D/MSAT-Laboratory – Upstream/Downstream

  • Verification and/or optimization of established processes
  • Development of new processes (10 L scale)
  • Support scale-up activities and transfer from pilot plant to industrial scale


All up-& downstream activities are supported by our analytical development and quality control department:

  • Method development (LC-DAD, LC- RI, HR-LC-MS/MS, GC-FID,GC-MS, ICP-OES, SDS-PAGE, immunoassays)
  • GMP/GLP-compliant testing of raw materials, intermediates and final product
  • Cleaning validation
  • Microbiological analysis