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Our Vision, Mission & Strategy


We aspire to be recognized as a leading, state-of-the-art biopharmaceutical company at the cutting edge of innovation in manufacturing and services. We are committed to growing our organization in terms of capabilities and capacities to become a preferred, one-stop partner for biotech & pharma clients, both in Europe and globally. 


We focus on providing our biotech & pharma clients with state-of-the-art, innovatively manufactured active pharmaceutical ingredients and professional services as well. 

Starting with the design or the transfer of manufacturing processes and the development of the accompanying analytical methods, we manufacture products with high-quality standards. Production is supported by quality-assured processes and services.  

We provide services and advance the preparation and maintenance of dossiers and regulatory submissions for the supply of our products within clinical development programs or for commercial supply. 

In everything we do, we act innovatively and use the most modern and sustainable technologies. 


We look back on decades of building client relationships and expertise in developing and manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients. Our strength is the special organizational spirit that all employees have helped to shape to this day through their own pursuit of quality, honesty, respect for people, cooperation, team spirit at all levels, and, finally, their leadership and execution. 

By shifting the focus to biotechnological active pharmaceutical ingredients and continuous growth as well as further development of the organization, we aim to become a high-tech, full-service provider and leader for innovatively manufactured products. 

We will continue to focus on trust, honesty, and quality to attract, develop, and motivate experts, clients, and employees.