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Biotech Center

Effective June 28, 2023, the company’s name was changed from “LOBA Feinchemie GmbH” to “Loba biotech GmbH.” 

With an innovative Biotech center in the heart of Europe, LOBA is aiming for a whole new level in the production of high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients, such as Pegasys® (peginterferon alfa-2a). The renowned company based in Fischamend (Vienna area) plans to expand its production portfolio in the field of biotechnology. A GMP biotechnological production facility and a new state-of-the-art GMP analysis laboratory have been created and will be fully operational by the end of 2024.

Strict standards and regulations and high time pressures – investment projects in the pharmaceutical industry pose very special challenges for the companies involved. A key to dealing with the enormous complexity lies in successfully implementing digitization measures.  

The project duration for setting up the production infrastructure is extremely short since the availability of the active ingredient for global supply must be ensured. The requirements for GMP-compliant production must be met. The complexity of the major project is based on the cooperation of many project partners, bottlenecks in the supply chain due to scarcity of raw materials, and the enormous planning effort under time pressure. These challenges can be mastered with proven methods, new digitization measures, and experienced project partners. The creation of the digital twin of the plant in Fischamend begins in the early planning phases of the production facility. This world’s first digital process plant sets a milestone for the future of plant operation, maintenance, repair, and further development. 

Climate protection is a relevant topic for Loba biotech GmbH and significantly influences strategic business decisions. For example, ever stricter emission regulations mean that cost-intensive conversions must be carried out at Loba biotech GmbH´s production facilities. In addition, current and future regulations, such as the WGC-BREF (Common Waste Gas Treatment in the Chemical Sector – Best Available Techniques Reference Document), require stricter control through expanded data collection and reporting on production-related emissions. This will entail further investments in optimizing internal processes and expertise. 

The production of organochemical and biotechnological pharmaceutical products is energy and therefore CO2 intensive. Loba biotech GmbH is therefore planning to build a photovoltaic (125 kW) and a hydroelectric power plant (46 kW). The conversion and expansion of Loba biotech GmbH into a modern high-tech location will significantly increase energy consumption, with both systems covering approximately 11% of the total energy requirement. 

Environmental protection and waste are also confronted with stricter regulatory requirements for environmental protection and hazardous substances (e.g., EU environmental standards), leading to complex and cost-intensive production adjustments and waste treatment. The ecological significance of this topic for Loba biotech GmbH is primarily characterized by one factor. The possible leakage of substances potentially dangerous to the environment and living beings, which are used and produced in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, can have major negative effects on the environment. Loba biotech GmbH has planned a major change in production for the years 2023 and 2024. This included the closure of fine chemicals production in 2023 and the establishment of biopharmaceutical production. The new construction of the systems will, of course, be carried out in accordance with the currently relevant standards and specifications.

Sustainable procurement, a transparent supply chain, and the possibility of tracing raw materials already take place in accordance with currently applicable requirements (EU regulations and guidelines). These already demand significant transparency along the supply chain from pharmaceutical companies.  Establishing sustainable supply chains means that suppliers must also increase their sustainability efforts. In addition, such a supply chain and the possible traceability of raw materials increase transparency for doctors and patients and can serve as a good example for other companies. 

As a company active in the pharmaceutical sector, ensuring the quality, effectiveness, and safety of medicines is a fundamental prerequisite for obtaining official approval for the marketing of active ingredients. Effective and safe medicines have a positive impact on people’s health. On the other hand, the fact that there are also negative effects on the state of health (e.g., in the form of side effects) underlines the relevance of this topic. 

In addition to the safety of patients, the health and safety of Loba biotech GmbH employees is also an important issue. Legal regulations specify what must be observed in the context of occupational safety (e.g., the Employee Protection Act). Occupational safety and health protection measures not only maintain the health of employees but also increase their job satisfaction and the attractiveness of the company as an employer. 

As a medium-sized company, Loba biotech GmbH maintains a family company culture in order to increase not only economic success but also employee satisfaction, employee loyalty, and the positive contribution to the local community. Especially against the background of growth and development efforts, trusting cooperation and a motivating and healthy working environment are particularly important. As part of the conversion of Loba biotech GmbH into a biotechnology company, a new human resources strategy is being rolled out, and investments are also being made in new office buildings and event spaces. 

Particularly in the pharmaceutical sector, innovations can create competitive advantages and significantly improve a company’s economic situation. The strategy of Loba biotech GmbH primarily includes the continuation of already proven products, so the innovation activity is primarily aimed at the security of supply and process improvements.

Here, Loba biotech GmbH relies on optimization programs as well as the personal initiative of all employees and the incentivization of entrepreneurial action throughout the entire company. 

Numerous new employees from the greater Fischamend area will be hired to implement the transformation process and long-term production. It is important for the company to make a contribution to reducing the unemployment rate and, above all, to help make the Fischamend location more attractive and future oriented. Loba biotech GmbH is looking for new employees in all departments and with a wide variety of qualifications. The advertised positions are continually updated and supplemented on the company’s homepage (www.lobabiotech.com) and on various job platforms. The company attaches great importance to offering people from the region a safe and future-oriented job with a good working atmosphere and fair pay.